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Expedient service with quality workmanship. I just moved to the valley and it’s comforting to know there is a mechanic down here that I will take care of my truck.

Definitely recommend!!

Danny helped us out even when his shop was closed and I know that no one else would’ve helped at all, did an amazing job and we are extremely satisfied with the work. Thank you!!

Couldn’t be happier with the service I received at Danny’s Automotive!!! They were very professional, honest and the staff was very friendly. Would definitely take my vehicle there again, I highly recommend it.

Awesome services!!!
Danny is an excellent machanic that I feel people can trust. I feel comfortable recommending him. He gets the job done. He is also trust worthy, honest, affordable and excellent service. Great guy, Great service

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Danny’s Automotive. What I liked about this place is that when I took my truck in he told me exactly what was wrong with my truck, not what might be wrong. I have gone to other places where I have been told what might be wrong, never a for sure answer, but Danny was sure of what he was doing. Very professional, Honest and affordable. I will definitely continue doing business with Danny’s Automotive.

Absolutely fantastic! Great customer service…Danny and his team are by far the best mechanics I have ever done business with. You can tell they know their stuff. We have the uttermost trust and respect for Danny and his team…they have always been fair and loyal to us. No talking down to you no selling up to you, they treat you like a person…not a number. I highly recommend this place for all your vehicle needs…Thanks Danny for a job well done!

Very professional place. Interior is impressive too. I totally trust Danny with my truck and wouldn’t take it anywhere else. He always answers all my questions and gives me extra input and recommendations that are very helpful. It’s very hard to find a good mechanic you can trust. He definately is one. I recommend him 100%

They are very professional. Danny is very fast and legitimate in his work. He wont waste your time or money telling you anything other than the truth. He’s the best and only mechanic I will take my truck to in the valley. and I drive from brownsville all the way to Raymondville just to have him work on it.

Best Mechanic in RGV!! He fixed my mustang in no time and it runs great!! You can insure the following: Trustworthy/Knowledgeable Staff, Honest (no overcharging), Reliable, Excellent/Prompt customer service. You are taking your vehicle to a highly, qualified, professional ASE Certified Master Technician. You will not be dissappointed!!

Danny’s is a very professional, knowledgeable and trust worthy place when looking for a mechanic. Great quality work and you wont be disappointed.

Awesome customer service. Quick turnaround time, high quality products and workmanship. I am very pleased with my new tires… the price was just right!

Awesome work and good at what he does. Reasonable price he is honest and tells you exactly what is wrong and what you will be paying Thanks Danny I will surely recommend you with my family and friends

We began using Danny’s Automotive & Diesel Repair about two years ago because we were having issues with a Dodge diesel pickup and were not getting satisfaction from the dealership. Since then, we have had multiple opportunities to seek Danny’s services. At present, he maintains our entire fleet, including Dodge, Ford and Toyota! We count on him to keep our vehicles running. He has never let us down. We have complete trust in his ability and trustworthiness. Keep up the good work!

Danny is amazing. One of our company trucks broke down, I called Danny and asked if he did road side repairs-we did not have time for the vehicle to be towed because our guy was on a job-not only did he make the repair; he did it quickly and got our guy back on the road. Danny was polite, friendly, professional and his prices are fair. I highly recommend his services- we will definitely be keeping his number on hand.

I take my Diesel Trucks only to the best. I highly recommend Danny, he provides step by step information about the problems and issues presented by the vehicle & provides direct information needed to get you back on the road safely. There’s no wishy washy talk, just direct parts & service…even a lady like me can understand. Thanks Texas-Diesel!!!

My truck was sucking….( I know no other explanation) 2008 f250 6.4 that was over heating and running about 11 miles a gallon. Danny took the truck in and fixed my problems, invited me to inspect the repairs as they went and offered the best advice on how to turn this dog into a beast. My truck will now runs like a lincoln, entering the highway you stomp on it and before you even realize or feel how fast you are going the speedo says 100 mph!! The speed is great and the MPG went from 11 to about 17 mpg around town. I still have not had it over a long trip so I am sure those results will excite me as well.

Danny is an all around nice guy, you just dont find these type of mechanics any longer. He backed my repair with a warranty better than the dealership and I am confident in his abilities after just looking at his shop and hearing the compassion for his trade when talking to him. If you have an issue I would highly recommend you give him a shot to fix it before you are scammed by one of these other valley “mechanics”.

Thank you again Texas Diesel, I am a customer for life!

I had a crisis while traveling on the highway. My mechanic called Danny, he was waiting with the right part, had my car fixed in 45 minutes, and charged a reasonable price. I wish I lived closer to send him more business – I was blown away by how good he was!

On 3/18/17 my girlfriend and I were in a huge problem, our drive side tire started ripping off the lug nut and bolts til the point that the tire was about to fall off and we had to get it towed from the highway and we choose to get our car towed to a auto parts store in Raymondville, TX. We were coming from South Padre Island and headed back home to San Antonio, so being in Raymondville left us hours away from home, we called some family members to ask for help, and being hours away from us approx. 300 miles away, the decision was to fix the car where it is. After hours of waiting our family members finally arrive and start to dissemble the driver side tire, we hit a HUGE wall though when we got to the hub nut that holds the bolts to attach to the rotor, etc. we had too small of a ratchet, at this point the current time was 1am on 3/19/17 is when i placed the call to Danny, when he picked up it was a blessing not only did Danny leave the comfort of his home and family to help a random stranger, he actually had what we needed, Danny literally got there a few mins later and got the hub nut off but was helping expedite the whole situation, not only was Danny helping but his son was there helping too, the truth if it wasn’t for Danny I wouldn’t of got on the road and home til much later that day. To top this whole situation off Danny didn’t ask or take any of the money I was offering for his services, I was completely in shock, being from New York City, this type of stuff doesn’t happen, Danny’s company is truly a blessing to the Raymondville area!! I’ll also be posting this review in a few location that I know are searched and also on all my social media pages because this is one of those unique situation that need to be heard, prior to this we never crossed paths, I was just a voice on the phone asking for help and Danny answered the call, and being from NYC I even learned something from his actions, I’m truly appreciative of how they responded!

I have 2008 Ford F250 6.4 Diesel with a wrench light that came on, and found out it was the oil cooler that needed to be changed. I am from Brownsville, TX and took the truck to a local shop, but was not confident in the place or the price. I did a quick search for other diesel repair shops in the area and Danny’s shop was one of them.

I called and spoke to Danny who reassured me about the issues with my truck and how he could solve them for a reasonable price. He had the truck done within a week and had the truck back to me by Saturday. That evening, the truck did not start. I called Danny, and he came to the rescue and helped start the vehicle and fixed any starting issues.

A few days later, the fuel pump went out. I was able to get it towed to his shop, where he worked with my warranty company to fix this issue at no additional costs to me.

Regardless of all these issues, He assured that these things happen and that some of other issues may arise in the future, but not to worry because he is able to fix anything that may come up.

Danny is up front, genuine, and an overall nice guy. He answered calls/texts at all hours of the day and night. His professionalism and knowledge regarding these engines is top notch.

I would recommend his shop in a heartbeat to anyone.

Excellent shop and service. He even towed our 5th wheel back to the shop when we were broke down alongside the road. The truck has never ran this good except when it was new.
We had put it into our local shop before we left on vacation and they never fixed it right.
Danny fixed it right the first time and bumped us ahead so we didn’t spend our vacation broke down.
Very knowledgeable and dependable.
We highly recommend him and his shop!
Professionalism at its best !